Yo No Soy - Noa Sainz (Warner Music)

Noa Sainz - Yo No Soy EP

Warner Music México firmó recientemente "No Science" de Noa Sainz, en el cual tuve el honor de grabar, mezclar y masterizar "Yo No Soy" y producir con ella "Don't Be Mad" en mi estudio. 

I'm celebrating that Noa Sainz's "No Science" EP was signed by the major label Warner Music Mexico. This brings so much professional satisfaction in terms of realizing all my current abilities as a music producer. It makes me take a journey back to those days when I was a beginner and be thankful for all those opportunities the universe has brought for my growth. It's all about collaboration and co-creation. 

An essential highlight from the production of these songs is that I never used auto-tune on Noa's vocals. I captured and worked together during the vocal recording sessions to get the best out of her talent through the close mic techniques and her perfect vocal balance at whispering. 

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