La Luz Divina - Diana Bolo

I'm excited that Diana Bolo released today these songs today. It's a birth. My most considerable excitement with songs is arranging them so they can project their message in the best outfit. Time and budget are not a limitation for giving birth to beautiful acoustic songs.

My favorite song from this compilation that we recorded in my studio in Tulum, Quintana Roo (México); is "Mariposa". We decided to capture all these 3 songs live. The dynamic range of Mariposa is extensive. This song is so beautiful that I decided to keep a human air on the guitar. I added some orchestral percussions at the end that I used in the past for making music for movies. 

"Vida de Amor" is simply feminine. The original version that she composed is different. I remember I told her to allow me to change the rhythm. We loved the result. Some friends came at the end of the day to record bongós. 

We recorded these 3 songs and her single "Madre Tierra" in 5 days. I came to Tulum downtown every morning to pick her up and take her to my recording studio at "Selva Latina".

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