Crazy Dream - Marie Chain | Mixing & Mastering

I met Marie Chain at Eagles Nest, in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Eagles Nest is a global community of connected, playful, liberated hearts that bring people together to explore, experiment, and soar beyond.

Marie Chain came to organize her first Freedom Festival. We recorded the vocals for Crazy Dream and I mixed and mastered the track in the next few days. 

Something that I admire about her is that she is detail-oriented, so it makes it easier for me to understand her vision when she comes up with this big list with her appreciation with minutes and seconds.  We are currently co-producing her next single called "889", a beautiful song about unity. 

I share with you the final track. Leave your comments below this post about this track if you feel so. Thank you for your support!


More about this artist

Marie Chain is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Germany. She has already released 3 albums and numerous singles independently. For the last 10 years she lived in Berlin and is now traveling the world – travel inspires her lyrics and her sound. She’s been recording, touring, and producing all over Europe, North Africa, México, the United States, and Guatemala. Her latest album ‘Freedom‘ came out in November 2020. ‘I want to move people and inspire them for change and liberation’ explains Marie Chain. She wrote her new song ‘Crazy Dream’ in Berlin during Lockdown. In this song, Marie Chain´s strong rough vocals and a mystical piano sound meet rock guitar lines and 80s drums. The song reminds me of a James Bond theme, modern yet timeless. She compares a toxic relationship with drug addiction: ‘Let me dive deep into your sorrows, let me drown in your Cocaine.’ Marie says: ‘I want to raise awareness against abuse! The song is about falling into an addiction to escape the world we’re living in right now: ‘Strange is the world we´re living in. Oh set me free from this crazy dream.’ The protagonist of the music video “Sphinx” experiences hallucinations and loses herself in drug abuse until she finally sinks lifelessly into the pool…

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