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Surrender & Flow

Monday Morning Housekeeping

I'm not sure if this is a gender-specific trait, but whenever something new enters my life, there's an obsession in me to understand it completely. After our music production class yesterday, I struggled with configuring the virtual cable in OBS to capture the main outputs of Ableton Live and my voice from the UAD mixer. The goal was to record a video tutorial while playing "Temple of Isis" from Ableton, rather than using the bounce.

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A Deep Dive into "Moon Goddess" - A Musical Ode to the Dark Feminine Archetype

In music, few compositions transcend the boundaries of sound to create a profound emotional journey. "Moon Goddess," has recently achieved a milestone of 42,000 plays. As we delve into the intricacies of this musical masterpiece, this blog post will not only explore the captivating depths of the dark feminine archetype but also provide an insightful analysis through emotional profiles and energy dynamics of “Moon Godedess”. Drawing upon my unique blend of musical expertise and psychological insight, we'll unravel how the emotional profile remains balanced, emotional dynamics reach a medium intensity, and energy levels fluctuate while maintaining a consistently high dynamic throughout the composition.

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Spiral traveling: The Language of Light geometry

As I embarked on my winter tour, leaving the vibrant energy of Turkey behind, I found myself caught in the mystique of anticipation. Each destination held a promise, a gift waiting to unfold. From the coastal beauty of Izmir to the bustling streets of Istanbul, my journey has been taking me on a path of self-discovery.

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The Beat Behind 'Power of Plants (Mason Töryen Remix)'

When I discovered the incredible work that Anna Stevens Harrington is doing, I didn’t hesitate to support and spread it by remixing “Power of Plants”. It’s an enchanting remix of Anna’s soulful chant, celebrating the healing power of plants and curanderos.

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The Enchanting Muses of Creative Expression

Have you ever wondered how certain individuals, particularly women, possess the remarkable ability to ignite one's creative spirit, leaving a lasting imprint on the canvas of artistic expression? In this personal blog post, I'll delve into my experiences as an artist, reflecting on how extraordinary women who've graced my journey have become the driving forces behind my creative endeavors and how their words have left an indelible mark on my creative soul.

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Creating a Kingdom: Navigating Challenging Relationships with Grace and Spirituality

                                                                                photo by Elif Simla Düme

Dear beautiful souls,

Relationships can be a beautiful and transformative experience, but they can also be challenging and difficult at times. When your male partner's masculine energy is triggering reactions and creating distance between you, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. However, it's important to remember that this is an opportunity for growth and healing for both of you. Here are some tips on how to find balance and communicate effectively in a challenging relationship:

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Selva Latina - I Met A Gangster (The Unhealthy Masculinity)

Writing is one of the best practices we can do when waking up; it allows us to scan, what is going on inside, and by coming out, we feel a sense of relief. There are so many stories going on in our lives that worth telling. Our perspectives and teachings are unique. They are like the song of life inside us waiting to be born. 

Every journey has a lesson for us. And for me, I consider every person as a journey. I feel every individual as a mirror, and I'm always listening and watching what I can learn from this new person in my life. 

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Selva Latina - (Intro) My Journey in Tulum

This is a journey to the interior, a journey to the real me, a trip of being reflected in the other and staying calm while all your shadow self gets reflected in the surface of your thoughts. This is a journey of the unconscious, of the ego masking your weakness by playing the guru role. This is the journey of not getting any advice but listening to your intuition. This is a journey of vulnerability. Who is ready for being vulnerable? Who's ready to write the truth? Who's ready for listening to the truth? Who's ready for being itself? Who's ready for its maximum expression? 

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Can we, can we surrender? - My Wataflow experience with Burcu

Whenever you're ready, whenever you're ready 
Whenever you're ready, whenever you're ready 
Can we, can we surrender? 
Can we, can we surrender? 
I surrender

-Natalie Taylor

In my flow season, —in my most feminine embodiment of listening to my body and heart—, I ended at Damla's Wataflow workshop —in this new place I was discovering in Kayaköy, Turkey.

After a couple of sincere connections, a really nice girl approached me, and I could notice, a real interest in meeting me was happening. The feeling of real interest and the deep connection was surprisingly increasing a sensation of warmth in my heart and belonging. A medicine woman. 

This medicine woman, Burcu, invited me at the end of the conversation to join her in the Wataflow session that I had just signed up for upon my arrival. And just then the awareness of meeting her healing power came to me.

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I Discovered a "Half-Heartedness" Shadow In Me

Being in a relationship and even going deeper as living with that person with the purpose of being honest with her and yourself bring to the surface your shadows, flaws, and inner child wounds so fast.

When I met Simay this happened from the first day and we really enjoyed this process. Even we started joking about this calling us our own "retreat". 

A shadow is easy to admit but not easy to unblock from our DNA. it requires time. Recognizing a new shadow brings me a kind of anxiety to step out of there and make a quantum jump, -as the masculine that I am, right? - when patience and time is the best ally to unblock these new gifts to the world.

It's normal when you are in a healing process to want all this to happen fast, and I think much more if you are living with your partner. 

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Holding Space Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

Holding space is not as easy as it sounds. 

I published some days ago on my Instagram about these hard days holding space for my actual partner while she's not able to regulate her emotions and I observe reactions like fireworks exploding in front of me. 

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Where To Go in Fethiye, Turkey

While writing this article, I hang out with Simay at Starbucks in Eskisehir, Turkey. My friend Ben Harris (well known as Yemanyo) asked me for some directions for the best places in Fethiye, Turkey. I've been hanging out here for a while, so my friends suspect that I'm the best source for recommendations. I'm not really, haha.

It's difficult for me to remember the name of places because of the language, and I'm pretty lazy to go back to my Instagram stories and make a resume.  

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Mystical Her - Mason Töryen ft. Burak Malçok

Beloved family from the stars, I'm happy to share that "Mystical Her", an organic Turkish instrumented track that I composed, recorded, and produced in my first days in Istanbul, Turkey, and I've been playing in ecstatic dances along with Turkey. Samples of the prayers chanted 5 times a day by the muezzin from the mosques can be heard on this track.

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Music on Canvas

I used to start writing from a title, like trying to define my way from the beginning. In the latest days, I just flow, I have surrendered to just writing and letting you know my feelings, and then maybe a…

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A Breathtaking View of the Mediterranean Sea


Who doesn't want to make daddy proud? I surprised myself by sharing this on WhatsApp, this poster with my dad. I know that you don't know me, and you don't see my relationship with him. Wait, I'm feeling so much while I write this... 

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