Mašøn Töryęn

Mašøn Töryęn

Music has a life of its own. I let it come through

Through his heart plays an orchestration of the entire cosmos- reaching the depths of shadowy emotion and the highs of infinite expansion- the full spectrum of existence captured in sound form.

It is his openness that allows him to co-create music with the universe that manifests into harmonies that are beyond words. You can only feel it- in all of your cells, in all of your being.

Press photos

Mašøn Töryęn

@ Seferihisar, Turkey 2023

Mašøn Töryęn at Babakamp

@ Beyond Festival (Babakamp 2022)

at Paña Baran's Dadadance

at Paña Baran's Dadadance 2022

Live Video

Stage plot & tech rider

Tech Rider for Mašøn Töryęn 

Performance Setup: 

Stage: A minimum stage size of 10ft x 10ft. 
Adequate lighting: Appropriate stage lighting to ensure visibility. 
Sound system: A professional-quality sound system suitable for the venue size and audience capacity. 

Audio Requirements: 

Mixing Console: A digital mixing console with a minimum of 16 channels. 
Main PA System: A high-quality main PA system with adequate power for the venue size. 
Monitor System: A monitor system with at least two monitor mixes. 

Vocal microphones for Mašøn Töryęn and the background vocalist. 
Instrument microphones for guitar and percussions as required. 
Wireless microphone for Mašøn Töryęn (preferably headset or lapel mic). 

Direct Input (DI) Boxes: 

DI boxes for acoustic guitar and any other instruments that require direct inputs. 


Guitar amplifier suitable for the performance. 
Percussion instruments, including a drum kit or cajon. 

Cables and Stands: 

Sufficient XLR cables, instrument cables, and power cables. 
Mic stands, boom stands, and guitar stands as needed. 

Lighting Requirements: 

Lighting Console: A lighting console capable of controlling the stage lighting. 
Lighting Fixtures: A selection of lighting fixtures, including spotlights, wash lights, and effect lights. 
Lighting Design: A basic lighting design to enhance the performance. 

Power Requirements: 

Sufficient power outlets near the stage and DJ booth to accommodate all equipment. 
Power distribution units (PDUs) to manage power connections safely. 


Stage Risers: If available, provide stage risers for better visibility. 
Backstage Area: A dedicated backstage area with mirrors, chairs, and a table for Mašøn Töryęn and the team. 
Refreshments: Bottled water, non-alcoholic beverages, and light snacks for the duration of the performance. 


A soundcheck session is required before the performance to ensure proper sound balance and quality. 

Please Note: 

It is important to have a competent sound engineer and lighting technician available for setup, soundcheck, and the performance. 
The technical requirements may vary depending on the venue and the specific needs of Mašøn Töryęn's performance. Please communicate in advance for any variations or additional requirements. 

Thank you for your attention to these technical details. We look forward to a successful and memorable performance by Mašøn Töryęn.

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