From the recording Tatewari (Shamanic Journey)

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Tatewari (Shamanic Journey)

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Embark on a transformative shamanic journey that harnesses the primal power of the fire element. Unleash your inner strength and awaken newfound passion as you immerse yourself in the sacred dance of flames. Guided by ancient wisdom, these journeys offer a gateway to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Explore the depths of your consciousness, fueled by the rhythmic beat of drums and the whispers of ancestral spirits. Let the fire's energy cleanse, renew, and guide you towards clarity and purpose. Through the shamanic fire journey, connect with the fiery essence of Tatewari, the god of fire, and infuse your life with vitality and renewed direction.

Ignite the spark of transformation within you. Embrace the fire's wisdom as you step onto a path that leads to self-empowerment and profound insights. Let the flames of the shamanic journey illuminate your way, guiding you towards a life infused with passion, courage, and a deep connection to the elemental forces that shape our existence.


Oh, Grandfather Fire, ancient and bold,
Shaman of time, stories untold.
Your dance of embers, a sacred trance,
Guiding shamans through time's expanse.

From primordial depths, your spirit arose,
Igniting the wisdom, the secrets enclosed.
Patron of mystics, keeper of lore,
In your fiery depths, they forever explore.

Beneath the star-studded tapestry's art,
You whisper the language that stirs the heart.
A symphony of crackles, a flickering light,
Guiding shamans through day and night.

With every incantation, a hymn to your grace,
We seek your wisdom, in every space.
Your flames cleanse the spirit, renew the soul,
As ancient traditions and stories unroll.

Through veils of smoke and visions anew,
We heed your call, as the chosen few.
Grandfather Fire, your guidance we seek,
In the realm of dreams, where worlds meet.

O, Tatewari, keeper of ancient ways,
In your radiant glow, our reverence sways.
Embracing your power, we find our might,
Guided by your flames, through day and night.

So, let us honor the fire's embrace,
The shaman's guide, the mystical base.
Grandfather Fire, forever burn bright,
In the heart's hearth, eternal light.