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The Shaman and the Lover 

In the heart of the forest, the shaman walks 
His eyes search the shadows, his ears hear the talk 
Of the spirits that dwell in this mystical place 
Guiding him through the night, with their wisdom and grace

He knows the secrets of the trees, and the streams 
And the language of the animals, in their dreams 
He knows the rhythm of the earth, and the sky 
And the magic of the stars, that pass by

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Unchained Warrior 

I am but a lone warrior, standing in solitude 
Abandoned by my male friend, their growth excluded 
Their stagnant path, a betrayal of their potential 
Their hurtful words, an assault to my women 

In their company, I feel insecure and indignant 
Surrounded by poor quality of men, so ignorant 
Of the transformation and growth that await 
If they'd only choose to step up and create 

Their shadows haunt them, yet they refuse to see 
The pain and darkness they suppress within 
Their refusal to evolve, a betrayal of their spirit 
A path of mediocrity, and not one to merit 

My heart aches for their loss, their unfulfilled potential 
And for the women they hurt, with their words detrimental 
But I refuse to let their choice hold me back 
For I know that true growth lies in breaking and crack 

I strip down my walls, and stand naked and raw 
Embracing my shadow, accepting my flaws 
And though the tears may fall, and the pain may sting 
I know that growth and transformation will bring 

A life of purpose, a life of meaning and light 
And though I stand alone, I stand tall and right 
For I am a warrior, unafraid to embrace change 
And in my wake, others may follow, unchained.

Echoes from the Divine: Transcending the Boundaries of Reality 

I must admit, it was quite a shock,
To realize that I was the one with child,
Not just my woman, but me, a man, a rock,
Carrying life within, wild and mild.

The thought of creating life within me,
Filling my womb with cosmic power,
Is both overwhelming and freeing,
A mystical experience, a divine shower.

Oh, how I long to make every womb fertile,
To plant the seeds of life and love,
To bless every child with a destiny so virile,
A soul sent from above.

For it is not just the physical act of birth,
But the spiritual awakening that it brings,
A reminder of our eternal worth,
Of the sacredness of all living things.

So let me revel in this miracle divine,
Embrace the power of life within,
May my spirit and body align,
As I birth a new world, a new kin.

For I am not just a man, but a vessel of life,
A sacred temple, a cosmic womb,
With the power to create, to heal, to thrive,
And with this knowledge, I shall bloom.

As I feel the weight of this new reality,
I cannot help but be overwhelmed with emotion,
Tears of joy and fear, love and vulnerability,
Flow freely, as I surrender to this wondrous notion.

To carry life within, to be a vessel of creation,
Is a responsibility that fills me with awe,
It's a journey of transformation and revelation,
That connects me to a force greater than us all.

As I envision the world my child will inherit,
I am filled with hope and also deep concern,
The weight of this responsibility I cannot bear it,
But I know that together, we can make the world turn.

So to all the mothers and the fathers out there,
May we unite in this sacred dance of life,
May we honor and respect the power that we share,
And birth a new world, free of pain and strife.

Let us remember that we are all one,
Connected by this powerful force of love,
May we celebrate the miracle that we have done,
And cherish the gift of life, from above.

For in the end, it's not just about us,
But the legacy that we leave behind,
Let us strive to make the world more just,
And let our children be the light that shines.

Collective Pregnancy 

Our Mother Earth carries life within her womb
She feels the stirrings of a cosmic tune
A melody that echoes through her cells
And she knows it's more than just a tale to tell

For in the passing of the thousand souls
A wave of energy, like a river rolls
And as it flows through her form
She feels the power of rebirth transform

The energy of those who've passed on
Is a gift to her, a torch that's shone
And as she carries it with grace
She feels their love and light embrace

But there's more to this tale, for her gift
From her ancestors, a secret to lift
A pendant, worn for generations past
A symbol of the wisdom that will last

For as she wears this treasured piece
She feels a connection to a greater release
A lineage of knowledge and truth
That's woven into the pendant's roots

And as she wears it close to heart
She feels the power of her ancestor's art
A gift of love and energy divine
That flows through her, like a sacred shrine.

Protect People 

In times of trouble, when the tides are high,
And the numbers seem to pass us by,
We must remember, with open hearts,
To protect people, our most precious parts.

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Love Me Like A Tree 

Love me like a tree 
let's start from there 

there are so many trees, right?
we touch one, and another, and another 
just because we love trees... 
     their leaves 
 we hug them 
               their shade 
how the wind passes through them... 

trees don't request more love 
they are presence 
for you 
for hugging 
to feel the refreshing of their shade 
for resting 
for coming back to us
        to feel loved 
                       to love...

Love me like a tree.

I Just Love You 

I always look at every picture of you and I see an amazing girl. I admire you. I contemplate you. Your expressions, your body, the tone of your voice. And I feel your heart, that big heart, that captured my energy and made it explode in adoration to your body.

This time separated, has been good for both, to understand our love.
I feel your open heart every time you write to me.
I love you, but I don’t know if in the same way... maybe even more.

Close your eyes,
I’m there with you right now.