Chakra Yoga + Chakra Sound Therapy Workshop

Embark on a transformative 90-minute workshop, "Journey to the Rainbow Bridge," led by the experienced facilitators Simay Yaylacı and Mason Töryen, who possess extensive expertise in the realm of sound healing. This immersive experience focuses on our seven main energy centers, known as chakras, along our spinal column. Through the practices of Chakra Yoga and Chakra Sound Therapy, guided by Simay and Mason, we will dive into the psychological realms of each chakra, allowing for deep exploration and healing. 

Picture yourself on a journey across the Rainbow Bridge, a pathway that connects and aligns the seven chakras within your being. Each chakra has developed at a specific age and has shaped its own unique life strategies. With Simay's and Mason's deep understanding and mastery of sound healing, we will navigate the psychological aspects of each chakra, finding rest in yoga postures and embarking on a healing journey through the therapeutic tones of chakra sounds.

Balance Your Chakras

Throughout the workshop, we will engage in Chakra Yoga, a practice that combines physical postures, breathwork, and mindfulness to activate and balance the chakras. Simay and Mason, with their extensive experience in sound healing, will guide you through the yoga poses, creating an environment of tranquility and support, where the energy can flow freely within your body. 

Additionally, we will explore the healing power of Chakra Sound Therapy. Simay and Mason will skillfully introduce you to the resonating tones specifically attuned to each chakra, providing a rich and transformative vibrational experience. Their expertise in sound healing will guide you on a journey of harmonization and restoration, as the chakra sounds penetrate deep into your being, promoting balance and alignment.

Workshop Program

Join us on this sacred voyage to the Rainbow Bridge, where you will benefit from the vast experience of Simay Yaylacı and Mason Töryen in the field of sound healing. Through their soothing guidance, restorative yoga poses, and the transformative power of chakra sounds, you will uncover the hidden realms of your psyche, experience deep relaxation, and tap into the healing potential of each chakra. 

Workshop Program (90 minutes): 

Opening Meditation and Intention Setting (10 minutes) 
Chakra Yoga: Balancing and Activating the Energy Centers (50 minutes) 
Chakra Sound Therapy: Harmonizing Vibrational Journey (25 minutes) 
Integration and Closing Reflection (5 minutes) 

Note: The program duration and activities have been tailored to create a 90-minute workshop experience that allows for a profound exploration of the chakras through Chakra Yoga and Chakra Sound Therapy. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, where the Rainbow Bridge becomes a gateway to self-discovery, healing, and inner alignment, with the expert guidance of Simay Yaylacı and Mason Töryen, renowned practitioners in the realm of sound healing.