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Inner Marriage: The Feminine & Masculine Divine Dance Workshop

Embark on a profound spiritual journey through the transformative ritual of a Sacred Puja, as we delve into the captivating workshop "Embracing the Divine Dance of Feminine & Masculine." Led by the esteemed facilitators and married couple Simay Yaylacı and Mason Töryen, who walk hand-in-hand on a shared spiritual path, this two-hour immersive experience invites you to discover the depths of your being and forge profound connections with the sacred energies within and around you. 

Step into a sacred space that radiates tranquility and reverence. An altar adorned with symbols representing the divine feminine and masculine energies stands at the heart of the room, emanating a sense of awe and reverence. The gentle aroma of incense lingers in the air, creating an atmosphere conducive to introspection and spiritual connection. 

As the workshop unfolds, the melodious sounds of sacred music fill the space, creating a harmonious backdrop for the intertwining flow of feminine and masculine energy. The energy in the room is palpable, inviting you to surrender to the sacredness of the moment and open yourself to the transformative power of the puja.

Mason & Simay

Simay and Mason, with their deep spiritual connection and shared wisdom, guide you through sacred rituals, meditations, and Authentic Communication Games. Together, they create a seamless synergy, effortlessly weaving the energies of the divine feminine and masculine. Their presence and partnership radiate a profound sense of unity and balance, inspiring you to embrace your own inner harmony and spiritual union. 

Through partner reflections and sacred mirroring, you will witness the divine dance of feminine and masculine energies manifesting through your interactions. It is within these moments of deep connection and reflection that profound insights and personal transformation unfold, creating a sacred alchemy within your soul.

Workshop Program

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage where you will awaken your authentic self, transcend societal boundaries, and honor the divine dance of the feminine and masculine within and without. Unleash your true potential, reconnect with the sacred essence of your being, and experience a profound transformation that transcends the ordinary. 

Workshop Program: 

Sacred Invocation and Setting Intentions (15 minutes) 
Understanding the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies (20 minutes) 
Sacred Rituals and Meditations for Self-Exploration (30 minutes) 
Partner Reflection and Sacred Mirroring (30 minutes) 
Integration and Sharing Circle (30 minutes) 
Closing Puja and Gratitude (15 minutes) 

Note: The program duration and activities can be adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the participants, while staying true to the essence of the sacred puja experience. The facilitators' guidance and their embodiment of the divine dance will create a sacred space that invites you to explore the depths of your own divine nature.


Welcome to the Kali Family!

We are thrilled that you are considering joining our journey in Turkey this June! Here's a glimpse of what awaits you if you decide to embark on this transformative adventure:

-Kali Tantra Practices -Tantric Kriyas -Tantric polarity work -Exploring masculine and feminine wounding -Tantric Night Rituals -Water therapy -Kundalini Practices -Masculine & feminine embodiment practices

This is an intensive training designed to guide you closer to your unshakable truth. Within this container, we confront unconscious blockages head-on, fostering growth through a program sharp in its focus yet infused with deep love and appreciation.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've qualified for our community discount—enjoy a 10% reduction in fees through Mason Töryen.

Save your spot with the 50% by using the coupon KALISAVESPOT in the check out. Pay the rest before the retreat.

Please, if you pay through the Kali Academy website, use the payment reference "KALIMASON" and send a screenshot of your payment to Upon receipt, you'll receive a confirmation email containing all necessary information and preparations.

Payment options: Full Payment: 17550 Turkish Lira / Deposit: 8800 Turkish Lira Simay Gamboa Acosta: TR60 0001 5001 5800 7301 5966 50

OR Full Payment: 550 Euro / Deposit: 225 Euro TRANSFER IN EUR: Simay Gamboa Acosta: TR02 0001 5001 5804 8023 3438 46

The price includes a 4-day retreat, three freshly cooked meals daily, and four days of intense and enlightening practices.

We are eager to embark on this profound journey with you! 🔥

Please note: Capacity is limited, and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out on this unforgettable exploration into the sacred polarity of the feminine and masculine!

Let's reclaim our inner burning fire!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With much love,

Your Kali Tantra Turkey Team

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