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The only way to live authentically as yourself is to discover and accept your shadow self. By accepting yourself fully, you can not only improve your own wellness and mental health, but you can also be ready to accept others for who they are, too.

Shadow work is a key part of developing introspective skills and self-awareness, which are foundational skills for personal growth. It’s not easy work, though. Shame, frustration, and fear are difficult emotions to navigate alone. They distort our ability to see ourselves accurately and make us less self-compassionate — and self-compassion is key as you work with the shadow self.

If you’re struggling to practice shadow work on your own, seek support from others, including professional help. I believe in the power of self-awareness and self-compassion to find clarity and build resilience and mental fitness in a challenging world. We also believe that no one should have to go through this journey alone.

released October 28, 2022