Mašøn Töryęn is a talented and versatile nomad music producer from Mexico. He has gained a reputation as a skilled musician who possesses a unique ability to channel the essence of life through his creations and performances. With a gentle and open-hearted demeanor, he is able to effortlessly orchestrate the entire cosmos through music. Mašøn's co-creative approach have enabled him to produce projects that transcend language and connect with listeners on a deep level. Whether he is performing on stage or creating music in the studio, Mašøn's passion for music shines through in every note he plays. His tracks, concerts, singing circles, and ecstatic dances all leave a lasting impression on those who experience them, filling every cell of their being with the magic of sound. Overall, Mašøn Töryęn is a gifted musician whose talent and passion for music are truly inspiring.” - Almara Vision


Latest Single Tracks

I've collaborated with worldwide famous artists like Alexia Evelyn from Brazil and Deya Dova to create two tracks, "Dance In The Haze" and "Women & Children." Excited to play these creations at the upcoming ecstatic dance event!

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My Mourning Journaling Piano Solo Is Out now!

Latest Gathering

Next Performances

After a cöuple of weeks in Istanbul, Turkey, I played an ecstatic dance in the @kozmikspiritualfestival in Adrasan, Antalya, and now I’m receiving invitations to cö-create möre magical experiences in Turkey and Europe! I will keep you updated on the details on IG! We are actively bööking dates for the next months if you are inspired to create together.